Where an application to register a company meets certain criteria which suggest that it may be being formed as a nominee company for overseas interests, the Companies Office will require additional evidence of the consent of the proposed directors and shareholders to own and manage the company.

Where such criteria is met and after receipt of the signed director and shareholder consent forms, the Companies Office will email the presenter, listing the full documentation requirements and Companies Office delivery details.

Additional evidence includes:

  • The original director consent form signed by every person named as a director of the proposed company.
  • The original shareholder’s consent form signed by every person named as a shareholder of the proposed company.
  • Proof of residency for every person named as a director of the proposed company such as power, gas or phone or local municipal rates demand.
    Note: Where the shareholder is not a natural person, the consent form must be signed by a director or equivalent of the entity, or, a person otherwise authorised to act on behalf of the entity.  However, if the consent form is signed by someone other than the director or equivalent of the entity, certified documentation supporting the appointment of that person must be provided.
  • Evidence of identity for all natural persons who have signed any documentation you have provided.  This should be in the form of a passport or a certified copy of a person’s passport.  If a passport is unavailable, the original of certified copies of two of the following are required:
    • A government issued identity card (with photograph)
    • A drivers licence (with photograph)
    • Birth certificate
    • Citizenship certificate
      Note: All documents which must be signed or providing evidence of identity must either be original documents or certified copies of the original documents.

Who can certify a document?

Certified copies of documents contain an original signature, attestation and contact details from a notary, solicitor or JP, or person of similar standing in the community.

Can I provide documents in a language other than English or Maori?

Yes, you can provide documents in languages other than English and Maori however, you are required to provide an official translation of the document.